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Personal Injury Case Studies

The following are just a selection of personal injury case studies that we have achieved for our personal injury clients. We have not included our more high value claims as this might make the Claimants involved identifiable as some of the cases are well known or have been in the media.

Values are indexed to value in 2016

Client Claim details Award
Mr R – Devon Engineer with multiple arm and leg fractures sustained in a motorbike accident affecting his future earning capabilities £530,000
Mr M – Devon Asbestos Removal operator tripped on premises causing severe foot fracture affecting future earning capacity £145,000
Mr C – Devon Manual operative work-related upper limb injuries due to excessive manual handling task over a period £85,000
Mrs M – Devon injured in a road traffic collision with a Fire Engine causing multiple injuries: £296,400
Mr E – Plymouth Crane Driver injured in a road accident causing severe back injuries which affected his future earning capabilities: £426,360
Mr V – Plymouth labourer / bricklayer injured in a road accident causing back and neck injuries which affected his future earning capabilities: £288,000
Mrs T – Cornwall claim against an airline under the Warsaw Convention 1929 for burns requiring three weeks in hospital and extensive skin grafts causing scarring and psychological injuries: £34,800
Mrs W – Plymouth injured in a rear end shunt causing whiplash injuries and moderate post traumatic stress syndrome: £26,040
Mr A – Devon NHS technician suffering an exacerbation of asthma due to exposure to chemicals: £31,560
Mr R – Plymouth Accident involving a decorator: £21,600
Miss D – Plymouth Tripping incident at a social club: £21,360
Mrs K – Plymouth Work accident involving a cleaner: £18,840
Mr V – Plymouth Shop accident: £5,100
Mrs C – Plymouth Work accident: £2,850
Mrs A – Plymouth Shop accident: £2,700
Mr N – Devon Fall at work: £11,400
Mrs T – Devon Road traffic accident: £5,400
Miss K – Devon Road traffic accident: £4,740
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Our Approach

Working with personal injury claims in the areas of Plymouth and Cornwall, Richard Harris has over 30 years of experience.

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What will my claim cost?

What will it cost me?

In most cases 25% of your damages is deducted for your own legal costs and you will not have to pay anything if you lose.

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Specialist Injury Areas

Specialist Areas

As a personal injury solicitors practise we cover a range specialist areas using our deep and detailed knowledge base.

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